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Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches is aware that there are people who don't care about what we do. Many people won't understand why we polish parts that no one but the watchmakers will ever see. They won't understand why the perpetual calendar indicator should jump instantly at midnight, when they are not awake. They might never understand why the minute counter on a chronograph jumps. It's good that there are so many different brands, or else the market would be very boring.

Interacting with visitors to Villa d'Este is a real pleasure, as their passion shines through. This passion can be separate from their ability to buy or acquire these cars. The ability to purchase watches is more closely linked to interest and enthusiasm. How do you think that we can get the same level of interest in watch culture as we see here?

There is nothing like this in watchmaking. The Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este was founded in 1929. That's the secret, it's been going for a very long time. The same goes for the entire car industry. How many car shows are there in the world each year? 25 or 30? How many watch fairs are there? It could be special if an event was organised that featured the most famous watch collections in history with the largest collectors in an exclusive setting with highly selective entrance. It's never been done

We are probably still in the early stages of the possibilities as a watch collectors society. The majority of what happens still takes place in closed rooms,Rolex Day-Date Replica in small settings in luxury hotels. There is nothing that compares to the Concorso with its high-society aspect and community feel. There are still many things to be worked out. We may get there one day, but it will take a while. You can arrange something with 650 guests and 60 cars, but what about 60 watches?

We can only do a few things here in Como, but our watchmakers are on hand to answer any questions and explain the watches to interested customers. It's great that we can repeat many of our activities year after year because we welcome new guests each year. It's good to have a routine when you are doing recurring events. We can keep the event under control. We may change a few things to see what works, but our way of bringing Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches here to Como is well-established.