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Modern supercars have a higher status symbol appeal, whereas vintage cars are more of a collector's item. There is some overlap in the grey area, but I think that is the difference between someone who prefers vintage cars and someone who likes modern supercars.

Sincerity be damned, in the second case they never even glance at the engine. In the case of a supercar from the modern era, people are more interested in the design and specs, but they don't bother to look at the engine because it's impossible to tell what's going on. Vintage cars are valued on three factors. The brand's importance is important - how influential was it historically and are they still in existence today? It's important to know the provenance of a specific car -- where it came from, if it is well-documented.

We saw this recently in the watch business, where a story or personality was attached to the item, as in the case of the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona, which belonged to Paul replica watches I am sure that if any of Paul Newman’s cars were to be sold at auction, the price would also go through the roof. You have three factors that determine the value for a vintage vehicle, but not modern cars. This explains why people have different reasons to choose either option.

It's interesting to see the results of certain products, but can we learn anything from them?

You can't say for sure. But you could sell an Omega, which would normally cost a few hundred dollars for nearly two million dollars just because it was Elvis Presley's. This is the factor that we are talking about. I don't know if people are buying these watches because they want to be a part a legacy or because they are watch collectors. This is the biggest question and changes the meaning of these results for our industry because there's no logic to it. The only thing you have is the intangible value of the name. This doesn't allow us to determine the multiplier effect on the sale price.

Richard Mille Replica Watches have always maintained an objective value for their watches, which can be explained directly in terms of technical expertise, finish and attention-to-detail.

It's great that there are so many ways to approach the same thing.Sinn Replica There are two figures, which are not public, that can tell you a lot about this. They are the percentages of turnover a brand spends on marketing and communication, and the percentages of turnover a brand spends on research and development. This isn't open information but by looking at what is already available, you can get a good idea of what brands are focusing on.