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Glashutte Replica Watches

Santhiya Tree Koh Chang Resort is our next stop, and we will spend the next two days there. Our visit to Thailand falls during the rainy season. As a result, we have replaced our snorkelling excursion with massages. No one seems to be bothered. After my 90-minute spa treatment, I can now appreciate the Freak Out more closely.

The Glashutte Replica Watches is a beautiful watch, and I love traveling with it. It's housed in an all-black PVD-coated Titanium case. This gives it a more understated look than the gold versions.Glashutte Replica Watches It's not that I worry about getting robbed in Thailand. Far from it. But there is something special about wearing a timepiece so amazing that people who aren't watch-savvy don’t notice. The dashing general director at the COMO Metropolitan Hotel, Bangkok, noticed it. But he studied in Switzerland, and was wearing a beautiful Rolex. So he does not count! Later, we'll talk more about Bangkok.

The Santhiya Tree Koh Chang Resort has organized a cooking lesson for us. They will teach us to make Thai soup and two chicken dishes. We feel like we're on Masterchef, as we compete as two-person teams. It was the eating of everything that we made afterwards. Despite our lack culinary knowledge, it tasted good.

We are back on the road again, this time taking a boat from Phuket to Koh Kut. It is low season so the boat is only about half full. However, there are many locals with all kinds of packages and backpackers who have taken a gap year to travel around the world.

Our boat arrives in the tiny port Leam Sok Piert after about an hour and a half. The shore is lined with small wooden houses, and a golden Buddha sits majestically on the replica watches We feel like we've arrived on a tropical isle, with all the lush vegetation.

Koh Kut, a large mountainous island in the eastern Gulf of Thailand to the south of Koh Chang. The island is 40 square miles in size, and much of it is primary forest which has not been touched by humans. There is only one petrol pump, one pharmacy, and one cash machine. This makes it a paradise for explorers. The hard-core hitchhikers will find some low-cost places to stay, but I also found one of the most beautiful eco-resorts that I've ever visited.